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He would then masturbate in the privacy of his room, says psychiatrist, Dr BL Lim, who declined to name his patient because of confidentiality. A fetish refers to the usage of an inanimate object or for some psychiatrists, a non-genital part of the body for sexual arousal or fantasy. Eventually, the boy's parents found out about his habit after his mother discovered the lingerie in his cupboard while cleaning his room. So she and her husband installed a video camera in his room and discovered this tendency, and brought him to see me," says Dr Lim. His patient's experience is similar to that of Defence Science and Technology Agency scholar Jonathan Peh, who was found with more than bras in his home. When questioned by police, he was unable to say how he got them.
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Underwear fetishism

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What is transvestic fetishism? We investigate cross-dressing | Metro News

Welcome to the home page of Fantasy Web Lingerie. Lingerie holds fascination for the male psyche. Indeed, it excites males to no mean extent. To a man, lingerie makes a woman desirable, it makes her more attractive to the male, and it tempts him as he gets ready for a union with his mate.
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Fantasy Lingerie Facts & Fiction

Typically, it refers to people who experience arousal by dressing like a member of the opposite sex, and is not the same as people who identify as transgender or non-binary. While writing this feature, I quizzed endless people of all genders and sexualities about how they perceived transvestic fetishism and whether they even agreed with the terminology. Some men like dressing in entirely female clothes, whereas others will just wear underwear beneath standard male attire.
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What defines a fetish, though, isn't what the activity or object of desire is so much as the role it plays in someone's life. While people use the terms "fetish" and "kink" interchangeably, a kink means an activity or behavior that someone enjoys that exists outside the "norm" of "traditional" sex. Someone's kink may be bondage, and they may be incredibly excited when they're tied up Meanwhile, a turn-on may be something that simply arouses a person.
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