Learn blues lick

I started this series because I great way to learn new Blues vocabulary is to learn a new Blues Lick every week and work it into your playing. So I picked my personal favourite 7 Blues Masters and did 8 licks from each - so over a years worth of material for a lick a week! Love this lick, sounds great and can be easily manipulated into lots of different l This lick on one of those tasty SRV fast but not difficult licks that add a cool flurry to your solos! This lick is not technically challenging but is a real classic SRV trademark, the use of the blues scale and the trills at the end. Make sure you explore this lick r
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3 Basic Blues Licks Using The Pentatonic Scale

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blues guitar licks for beginners

Click here to find out how you can learn over 40 fingerpicking songs, 40 strumming songs, over of my absolute best guitar tutorials AND get a free copy of my 5 star fingerpicking book delivered to your door. How many of those licks do most players actually use? During the first 5 years or so of my playing I wasted so much time learning licks I would never use; it annoys the hell out of me looking back on it. It was a decent magazine, and some of the articles opened my eyes up to different styles and techniques which was cool. They had various features including teaching rock and blues licks in different styles and I used to sit around learning them, but before I had mastered one I would move on to the next one, and so on. If you learn a lick, you absolutely must jam the hell out of it until you can play that lick in a massive amount of ways.
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12 Killer Blues Licks You Must Know

They say you have to have the blues to play the blues. Guitar teacher Mike B. Presented here are 5 easy blues guitar licks that are essential building blocks of a larger blues vocabulary. Before we dig into these licks we need to cover a few basic principles.
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As an aspiring blues guitarist it is really important to create a 'bag of tricks' filled with guitar licks. When listening to the best blues guitarists you'll notice that there are several famous licks they use all of the time. This is the reason why the collection of these famous licks is a crucial aspect in your own development as a guitarist. All great blues master guitarists use them in their own solos, so neglecting this aspect is a huge loss for anyone who tries to play blues guitar. The blues consists out of a lot of famous guitar licks that were transferred from one guitarist to another.
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